JK Soul izdal Dinner with the beatz vol. 2

jk_soul_dinnerwiththebeatz2Veste kdo je JK Soul? Beatmaker, ki je izdal vol. 2 svoje zbike Dinner with the beatz.

Morda vam je bolj poznan pod imenom DJ Flegmatik. Ja, gre za tipa, ki je 5. Elementu delal scratche in z Gramatikom opravil turnejo po ZDA.

Kakšen pa je vol. 2: “JK Soul’s Dinner With the Beats Volume 2 on Cold Busted features smooth instrumental Hip Hop with the seduction of Trip Hop’s zest and a funky soul attitude.  ‘Down In My Soul’ kicks off the album with signature sound, fresh kick drums invite a scratch session, and the piano riff and soulful samples are compelling.  ‘Its Just A Game’ plays with a 70s funk postmodern vibe, instrumentals work up to a pithy vocalists crooning sweet lyrics.  ‘Sweetness’ ushers in a chill dance hall vibe with a mystifying sexy sax and reggae rhythm and danceable snare.  More instrumental central tracks like ‘I Wanna Talk About You’ fire up with loquacious horns and funkdafied beats; ‘The Music’ invites foot stepping and hip shaking literally in lyrics and happy grooving soulful loops.  Just as delectable as the first volume, JK Soul’s Dinner With the Beats Volume 2, full of well-rounded flavorful instrumental, vintage sounds and sharp production, hits the spot.”

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